Aditya K. Dhanyaawalaya's Biography

ADITYA K. DHANYAAWALAYA or ADITYA KHAMVONGSA is a pen name of Dhadhchai Dhanyaawalaya, well-known as one of the outstanding of the new generation of creative contemporary Thai writers. 
He was born on the 4th of November, 1984 in a small village in Udon Thani, in the north-eastern region of Thailand. 
Learning by himself, he started writing poetry when he was thirteen years old. 
In 2004, his poetry collection titled “Three Seasons”, containing thirty-six quatrains, won the outstanding content award in Chulalongkorn University Literature Club’s handmade book contest “I; Indy”. He has been writing seriously ever since and has gone on to win many other literary awards. 
In 2006, his first collection of short stories “Horridly Ever After” was published. This marked the official start of his writing journey.
In 2009, Aditya and other young writers gathered to form the “Young Thai” group to publish short stories and poems, and to hold the Indy Short Story Awards to enliven the young writers’ circle (the contest is still ongoing). 
In 2013, Aditya established ArtyHOUSE Publishing, with the goal of publishing contemporary literature of Thai writers. 
In 2019, Aditya was elected a member of the Foreign Relations Department in the board of directors of Thai Writers Association for 2019-2021. He aims to bring Thai literary works to international recognition.
Aditya K. Dhanyaawalaya continually finds new and diverse interests,  finding particular pleasure in photography. He has won awards from many international photography competitions under the name Arty Dhanyaawalaya. He also likes cooking, creating arts, playing music, and gardening. 
During festive seasons like New Year’s Day or Thai New Year’s Day (Songkran) he usually avoids the holiday spirit to seek peace and quiet in forest temples in his hometown. He has completed Willpower Institute’s meditation instructor course and appreciates Venerable Ācariya Mun Bhūridatta Thera’s Path of Practice.
Aditya K. Dhanyaawalaya completed his secondary education in Udon Thani, and graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. 
During his years in university, Aditya was involved in a lot of student activities that allowed him to visit many parts of Thailand and meet new people. It was totally different from his years in high school when he was solely obsessed with academic activities. 
He received the Student Royal Award in 1999 when he was in middle school, and he joined the Biology Olympiad and won first prize in regional and international Biology competitions several times during his high school years. 
He also tutored high school students for a time when he was in university. 
Aditya K. Dhanyaawalaya’s published works vary between short stories, poems, novels, and articles. His distinctive works are satirical, and filled with humour and challenge interpretations. 
He now works as a poet, writer, critic, creative director, and editor, as well as a manager of his own dental clinic ‘IDEAL SMILE’. 


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